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For Over 30 Years,

We’ve Specialized in Helping to Reduce Nursing Home Costs

A warm, inviting coffeeshop bar.

Your Golden Years Deserve to Be Just That

Reduce Worry | Protect Your Wealth

If you or your loved one are in need of nursing home care, California has special laws in place to protect your financial well-being. We specialize in helping clients maintain their assets while preparing to pay for this cost.

A warm, inviting coffeeshop bar.

What Is LTC Medi-Cal?

Medicaid is a federal program that’s referred to as “Medi-Cal” in California. It has its own set of rules specific to California, which can be confusing and misleading. While there are two forms of Medi-Cal, regular and long-term care (LTC), we specialize in the latter.

LTC Medi-Cal is the only government program that will pay for nursing home care, and we have a 99.9% approval rate with clients from almost every financial situation.

Have too much in assets to qualify for LTC Medi-Cal? It’s all about understanding the rules.

Find Out if You Qualify

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