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Gas Prices to Rise 50-Cents a Gallon Thumbnail

Gas Prices to Rise 50-Cents a Gallon

Fox Business and other media outlets are reporting that a California Air Resources Board (CARB) report says that gas prices will go up next year by about 50-cents a gallon and every year after that.
 The reason given is to aid in clean air efforts.
 It does not include existing gas taxes already imposed.
 According to Republican State Senator and tax hawk Janet Nguyen, this “secret” tax increase affects the middle class and low income who depend on their gas vehicles to go to school and work.
 Diesel prices could go up 59 cents this year and 66 cents in two years.
 Jet fuel will increase by $1.21.
 This is part of the California politicians’ strategy to force Californians out of our gas vehicles by 2035.
 This tax is inflationary as shipping and production costs will increase which means higher prices on goods and services.
 This will add to the inflation that consumers have already felt over the past three years.
 California needs to return to a two-party system of government to stop this unchecked taxation of Californians.

Read the article here.

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