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You’ve Spent Decades Preparing for Retirement

Allow Us To Take it From Here

Birmingham, AL Shades Creek Wealth Advisors

Take a Journey Up the Mountain with Us

We consider retirement to be your Mount Everest…

Climbing the Mountain

You’re scrimping and saving, always accumulating assets for retirement. In doing so, you’re climbing up the mountain and working hard to get to the top.

Reaching the Peak

The day you retire is the day you’ve reached the summit. Now, it’s time to start descending.

Descending the Mountain

Now begins your time of decumulating assets. Those who have scaled Mount Everest say coming down is even harder, and more dangerous, than scaling up.

When it’s time to make your descent, having a local Sherpa is an invaluable and necessary resource. This is the person who can safely guide you back down the mountain in one piece, making sure you make it to the bottom in time to celebrate your achievement.

A warm, inviting coffeeshop bar.

When It Comes to Retirement, Let Us Be Your Guide

We’ll help navigate the pitfalls and dangers that come with decumulating assets, leaving you to focus on the breathtaking views as you descend with confidence.

Get Started

A warm, inviting coffeeshop bar.

Our Financial Planning Offerings

While developing retirement income plans is an important component of your financial well-being, we understand there are other facets that may be of concern as well.

Our focuses include:

Tax Planning

We work with a large network of attorneys and CPAs to help clients with tax preparation, tax-efficient distributions and year-long tax strategies.

Long-Term Care Planning

Our goal is to help you prepare for the worst-case scenario. From serious illness to unexpected life events, we’ll help you understand what to expect - while hoping it never happens.

Estate Planning

No retirement plan is complete until you’ve considered how your legacy will live on without you. Working with a team of trusted estate planning experts, we’ll help lead your estate planning strategy to best reflect your final wishes.